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#CrownCard - 23-year-old PREMIUM BRANDABLE domain name is now for sale.
This is a rare opportunity to acquire a high value, brandable .com domain name!

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Quality PREMIUM domains are lead generators, brand enhancers, and appreciating assets that hold value for resale down the road.
All three lead to increased ROI and higher company valuations—while reducing the cost of customer acquisition.

A memorable domain name can be a priceless tool in marketing your business!



#CrownCard --

A good domain name is easy to remember and spell.

A GREAT domain name is impossible to forget! has SUBSTANTIAL direct marketing potential when you need to convey a lot in TWO WORDS.

This domain name passes "the radio test" - a term coined 20 years ago. Today it would be more accurate to say it passes "the podcast and video test" :-) This means that it is easy to remember and spell when spoken (i.e., the name is spelled the way it sounds and spelled correctly).

From the SEO perspective, the phrase "crown card" has low to medium competition for the top spots! If you develop a quality website with a good SEO strategy targeting "crown card" on this domain name your site should easily rank within the top listings of the organic search results.

Domain History


This domain essentially sat dormant from 2000 to 2013. From here (2013 to 2019) it was parked for 7 years on a monetized search page. For the past 3 years, it was used for a cannabis-based buyer's cooperative website.

The website never got off the ground. The site was built and then it sat unused for 3 years. You'll be starting with a clean slate. No footprint was established for this site. There are NO backlinks and NO search engine penalties for this domain name. There was no advertising or promotions of any kind done. So you'll be able to move forward on your endeavor with no impediments getting in your way.

This domain name has always received a steady flow of type-in traffic.

Domain Name Info


DOMAIN AGE = 22 yrs old

High-value Premium TLD = .com

Domain type = Brandable

Domain registrar = Tucows Domains Inc.

Is the exact phrase "crown card" trademarked? = No

Is the exact phrase "crowncard" trademarked? = No

*Although there are 100s of TLDs available to use, .com is still by far the most valuable.

**People are 3.8 times more likely to assume an URL ends in .com than in any other TLD.

Pricing for


PREMIUM domain names not only help build and expand your brand but also hold value for resale down the road.

This domain name is a powerful tool for growth that will yield high dividends for the life of your business.

Smart implementation of this asset will add significant revenue to your bottom line. price is $38,900

The price is based on quantifiable criteria such as search volume, CPCs, comps (sales of similar domains), number of other TLDs registered, etc.

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*All domain transactions are conducted via the Epik Escrow service.
**No investment or legal advice is offered. Please conduct your own due diligence research.

How to Properly Value a Domain Name


Domain Name Valuation Criteria

It’s becoming common for brands to include a budget for an entire deck of domain names in their marketing program. Several domain names are essential for driving user traffic, boosting search engine visibility, and protecting a valuable brand.

Domain names are the “real estate of cyberspace” because they are the addresses businesses occupy on the Internet. However, some addresses are better than others.

A premium domain name is the equivalent of buying the best store, on the best street, with the heaviest foot traffic.

Like real estate, premium domain names are valuable assets that hold their value.

Domain name investments can quickly pay for themselves on the front end in the amount of new business generated.

An added benefit is that premium domain names appreciate in value over time. As your business builds search equity and traffic for the premium domain name, its value increases with it. If you later decide to sell your business or pivot into a different market and no longer need your premium domain name, it becomes a saleable asset that can help you come out with capital for your next business endeavor.

You need to consider not how much a domain name costs but how much value the right domain name can bring to your business.


PLEASE NOTE: Most Domain Name Appraisal Tools Are Flawed

There are several automated appraisal tools. Estimates from different appraisal tools may vary by 10,000% or more.

Only a few are ACTUALLY domain-based valuation tools.

The biggest problem with most of them is that they are incorrectly labeled as "domain name valuation" tools when they should be appropriately labeled as "WEBSITE valuation" tools.

They base their value estimates on the criteria of an established WEBSITE: How many pages are indexed, SEO ratings, the volume of traffic, the number of backlinks, time on site, returning traffic, etc.

In this case, you are NOT buying an established website. You are purchasing a domain name only.

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